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Working part-time or full-time, Takshashila fellows, scholars and interns conduct research into emerging issues.

  • Discussion Document – A Survey of India’s Energy Prospects 
in the Middle East Region

    A Survey of India's Energy Prospects in the Middle East Region Kabir Taneja, Scholar at the Takshashila Institution Download the Discussion Document in...

  • RQ | Regulation in capital cities

    David Henderson notes that taxicab fares in Washington DC are much lower than anywhere else in the US, and for this he mentions the fact that Congressmen are frequent taxicab consumers in DC, and thus oppose any move to restrict supply, as is the case in other American cities. But, I tell my students, there […]

  • Acorn | The eightfold path to transforming India

    A step-by-step guide for the awakened citizen Outline of my video address to the Model Youth Parliament, September 2014 Transforming India is a marathon, not a 100-metres sprint. You can’t change things overnight or in months. It takes years, decades & lifetimes. So you need to prepare and pace yourself accordingly. It needs stamina, endurance, […]

  • Acorn | G-20, East Asia and high-profile foreign policy

    The focus on G-20, East Asia and raising India’s foreign policy profile are all the right things to do, and long overdue. Notes for my television appearance on CNN-IBN at 9am IST today: The Brisbane G-20 statement is so closely aligned with India’s own growth agenda: India must capitalise on this opportunity. G-20 should become […]

  • RQ | Baumol Disease Index

    In his excellent take on why Rohit Sharma’s 264 is bad for cricket, Niranjan Rajadhyaksha writes about the Baumol’s Cost Disease. This phenomenon, which was first described by William Baumol and William Bowen in the 1960s, describes the increase in cost of labour in industries that have seen little productivity. This has to do with an […]

Welcome to Takshashila

Welcome to Takshashila

We are an independent, non-partisan and networked institution of public policy. We are engaged in policy research and advocacy and are pioneers in policy education in India.

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Prof Mukul Asher - Councillor

Takshashila contributes to substantially improving the quality and breadth of public policy debates in India.

Greater proficiency in economic reasoning is critical for rising India to improve governance and enlarge its geo-strategic imprint. Accessible public policy education and high quality research are primary instruments for the emergence of competent community of public policy professionals in India.

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