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  • RQ | Moeen Ali and the counterfactual

    There has been much furore in the cricketing world over the last couple of days after the ICC (International Cricket Council) appointed match referee for the ongoing England-India Test match censured England player Moeen Ali for wearing wrist bands in support of Gaza. One the second day of the Test match, when he batted, Ali […]

  • Varnam | Unraveling the Cheraman Perumal Myth

    This is the board outside the Cheraman Perumal Juma Masjid near present day Kodungallur, Kerala which proclaims that the mosque was established when Prophet Muhammad was alive. It also means that this particular mosque was established before the first mosques in Iraq (639 CE),  Syria (715 CE),  Egypt (642 CE), and Tunisia (670 CE) thus […]

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    2. Kunhali Marakkar – a myth ? For Malayalis Kunhali Marakkar was the brave commander of the Zamorin’s Navy, who fought against the Portuguese. The story is that the Muslim Marakkar dynasty fought against the Europeans for...
    3. How did Adam reach Sri Lanka? In this picture, taken in 1885, you will see a small ladder placed near the top-right window. In this picture, taken more than a century later, you can see the...
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    5. What happened in 825 CE in Kerala? This is the photo of the Malayalam calendar hanging in my house and as per that calendar, the year is 1189 which means that something important happened in 825 CE....
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  • RQ | India’s messed up agricultural markets

    Indicat seems like a good website for data on Indian commodity prices. I came across this website when someone tweeted about tomato prices. What struck me was the wide variation in tomato prices both within markets and across markets. Now, in terms of price variations within market, some of it can be explained by way […]

  • RQ | Caste, socialism and social capital

    Some new research by Dan Ariely (of Predictably Irrational fame) and co shows some interesting correlation between a socialist/communist upbringing and attitude towards lying (The Economist reports this research under the headline “Lying Commies“). While I’m not particularly convinced about the research methodology (sample of 250 respondents under a simulated environment – but then most […]

  • RQ | Should you stop flying Malaysian?

    So Malaysian Airlines faced its second tragedy in four months when its flight MH17 was shot down over Eastern Ukraine yesterday. In response to this terrorist attack, stock prices of Malaysian Airline dropped sharply in today’s trading. Given that the airline has faced two tragedies in quick succession, the question is if you should stop […]

Welcome to Takshashila

Welcome to Takshashila

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