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Working part-time or full-time, Takshashila fellows, scholars and interns conduct research into emerging issues.

  • The Broad Mind | Geopolitics, economic reforms and the citizen

    By Nitin Pai for Loksatta Whistle. Let us be clear: the world is interested in India because our economy is growing. If the growth process stalls, the world will stop seeing India as a potential solution to its problems. It is important that the world sees us positively this way because that, in turn, creates […]

  • Book Chapter: Politics of Radically Networked Societies

    Networked Societies and Hierarchical States: The Emerging Challenge to Political Order Nitin Pai and Sneha Shankar Conference paper in Promoting Democracy for Creating...

  • Catalyst | Internet as a public good: A case for net neutrality

    The internet is almost a public good, and competition is not enough to keep the network healthy and growing. Knowledge is the currency of power today. Land, capital and unskilled labour will not matter as much as knowledge as ‘factors of production’ beyond a point in achieving growth and prosperity. The internet is both the manifestation of the […]

  • Policy Brief: Reforming Public Procurement Legislation in India

    Public Procurement Legislation Essential for Improving Public Financial Management in India Mukul G. Asher, Tarun Sharma and Shahana Sheikh In response to input...

  • RQ | How 2ab explains net neutrality

    So Prime Minister Narendra Modi has set off this little storm on Twitter by talking about the relationship between India and Canada being similar to the “ term” in the expansion of . India and Canada are like that “2ab” that comes from the formula of (a+b)square: PM #ModiinCanada pic.twitter.com/1IpCJ0aQK8 — ANI (@ANI_news) April 16, […]

Welcome to Takshashila

Welcome to Takshashila

We are an independent, non-partisan and networked institution of public policy. We are engaged in policy research and advocacy and are pioneers in policy education in India.

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Rakhal Dave - Charter Donor

Rakhal Dave grew up in Mumbai in the 1960s and 70s attending St. Marys School and Jai Hind College, and went on to do a PhD in theoretical physics from Washington University in St. Louis. Rakhal then worked in Zurich as a senior researcher in high frequency finance, before starting and running his own firm in the 2000s, supplying financial data services. Rakhal supports organisations which show promise of bringing systemic change in India.

"I believe that Takshashila is an organisation which can help bring an intellectual dimension and academic scrutiny to governance and policy grounded firmly on concepts of freedom of thought, freedom of speech, openness and tolerance."