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  • RQ | Analyzing IIMA Admissions

    In response to an RTI query, IIM Ahmedabad has disclosed the cutoff percentiles across various categories for getting a seat in IIMA. Before we analyze further, there are two points to be noted. Firstly, what has been disclosed is the “minimum cutoff percentile”, which means that at least one student with that percentile score was […]

  • Varnam | Indian History Carnival–75: Tipu Sultan, Archimandrite Andronicus, Shahjahanabad

    Calicut Heritage writes about Tipu’s antics in Calicut from the diaries of Francois Fidele Ripaud de Montaudevert who was part of Tipu’s army that went into Kerala. A lot of historians have explained that most of the anti-Tipu narratives come from his enemies, the British, and cannot be trusted. So it is interesting to read […]

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    2. Tipu Sultan- The Tyrant of Mysore by Sandeep Balakrishna In A Survey of Kerala History, Sreedhara Menon summarizes the impact of Tipu Sultan’s brutal raids on Kerala and concludes that it introduced modern and progressive ideas to Kerala. These...
    3. Indian History Carnival – 30 Analyzing a paper by P.A. Underhill et. al on the Indo-European migration Giacomo Benedetti writes The mid-Holocene period is around 6000 years BP, that means that after 4000 BC we...
    4. Indian History Carnival – 49: Buddha, Danish Factory, Tiruvarur, Zamorin Jayarava investigates if there is any truth to the claim that Buddha’s family followed Dravidian marriage customs? Read the entire post to get the answer. A cross cousin marriage is one in...
    5. Indian History Carnival – 19 The Indian History Carnival, published on the 15th of every month, is a collection of posts related to Indian history and archaeology. Ravi Mundoli summarizes the current debate on the...

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  • RQ | Compounding and Foreign Policy

    In today’s Business Standard, Nitin Pai writes about something he’s mentioned a few times before – that India’s best China/Pakistan/US policy is “8% growth”. Unfortunately a lot of space in his piece talks about appointments in ministries and cabinet formation, and he doesn’t directly touch upon why 8% growth is a viable foreign policy (it […]

  • RQ | Market Share Of Indian Air Operators

    Not so long ago, we had a CAG report that discouraged giving sixth freedom rights to Gulf-based airlines, the argument being that it was reducing the market share of Indian airline companies, and was reducing the chances of Delhi airport ever becoming a hub. In that report, the CAG had also claimed that the granting […]

  • Takshashila's Nitin Pai speaks at ORF

    Takshashila's Nitin Pai spoke on Social Media and Politics at the Observatory Research Foundation (ORF) on 8th April, 2014 in New Delhi. Nitin spoke about...

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Welcome to Takshashila

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