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Addressing the governance gap

Working part-time or full-time, Takshashila fellows, scholars and interns conduct research into emerging issues.

  • The necessary art of ignoring Pakistan

    Pakistan does not matter much to India's growth. A bigger, stronger and more open Indian economy will transform our ties with that country

  • Nitin Pai at the Opportunity Town Hall

    Nitin Pai moderated an Opportunity Town Hall to discuss, and propose solutions for the civic issues in Bengaluru on 22nd July 2015. The...

  • Pavan Srinath in a CNBC-TV18 Panel Discussion

    Pavan Srinath, head of policy research at Takshashila Institution, was a part of a panel on CNBC-TV18's ‘The Big Land Debate’ on the Land Acquisition...

  • The Macroeconomic Case for Central Bank Independence – II

    Independence of the Central Bank results in low average inflation rates with minimal variance, which provides a conducive environment for high and sustainable growth. Part I explored the inherent growth bias in an elected government and the reason why the government would be willing to tradeoff higher growth rates for a slightly increased inflation rate. […]

  • The Macroeconomic Case for Central Bank Independence – I

    The Long Run Phillips Curve shows that any policy that tries to increase GDP growth rate at the cost of higher inflation will end up with both a higher inflation rate and lower GDP growth rate in the long run. In a pioneering paper titled “The Relation between Unemployment and the Rate of Change of […]

Welcome to Takshashila

Welcome to Takshashila

We are an independent, non-partisan and networked institution of public policy. We are engaged in policy research and advocacy and are pioneers in policy education in India.

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Rakhal Dave - Charter Donor

Rakhal Dave grew up in Mumbai in the 1960s and 70s attending St. Marys School and Jai Hind College, and went on to do a PhD in theoretical physics from Washington University in St. Louis. Rakhal then worked in Zurich as a senior researcher in high frequency finance, before starting and running his own firm in the 2000s, supplying financial data services. Rakhal supports organisations which show promise of bringing systemic change in India.

"I believe that Takshashila is an organisation which can help bring an intellectual dimension and academic scrutiny to governance and policy grounded firmly on concepts of freedom of thought, freedom of speech, openness and tolerance."